This has been a great year for my wife Anika and me. We’re iterating super fast on products and projects to learn more each day. So far this year we’ve already built:

ClearGears – a totally new redesign.
RollCallMe – a new product built in a weekend.
Thankhub – a collaboration with Crowd Interactive, and part of ClearGears.
PashaFit – Anika’s custom women’s clothing company.

Why are we building so much? Well, last year Anika and I considered the cost of her going to grad school and decided that, for far less money, we could build 10 new products. We’d learn more, develop a better network, and gain actual, usable skills faster. Oh, and while grad school is guaranteed to lose us lots of money, these projects offer the opportunity to make lots of money. Foregoing grad school wasn’t a decision so much as an IQ test.cialis pilules

  • Robbie Mitchell

    RollCallMe is totally needed. Every event and local concert still struggles with passing around a clipboard to gather email and phone info.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it definitely is. The big challenge for this app is that we’re using a long code (regular tel. number) instead of a short code. Some other companies, like Sendhub, have invested in the short code and are finding success.