The most successful free online services for consumers share three traits. They are frictionless to join, they are inherently viral, and people want to use them every day.

Being frictionless to join means no one has to pay a fee, fill out long forms, or jump through hoops before they get utility from the service.

The service grows if every action on the site involves other people. Pictures, video, messaging, and multi-player games are all examples. cialis acheter

Every Day
Frictionless and viral tools are great for getting users, but the true magic happens when people are compelled to use the service every day. It must deliver utility every time it’s touched.

I’m getting closer with my recent projects, ClearGears, RollCallMe, and most recently, Thankhub, but I can’t seem to nail the every day part.

As simple as these principles are, not everyone in the free consumer-services space is building apps with these in mind. Beyond that, these are all really difficult to implement. To me, new businesses that don’t fulfill all three of these objectives are simply not going to grow fast as fast as those that do. Online, growth means user acquisition, and the number of users determines the value of a company. Services that are frictionless, viral, and useful every day are incredibly valuable.