At ClearGears we’re in the midst of a redesign that is taking far longer than anyone had anticipated, and the process is causing stress for my team and me. To our investors and customers it looks like we’re moving slow and making no changes; to our tech team, it feels like they’re working long hours without being appreciated, and to the business-side of the company, it feels like we have lost control of how to steer the business.

At a startup with finite resources, anything that slows the iterative process will cause frustration, anxiety, and above all, stress.

Yet, stress only makes the problem worse, and so should be avoided like the plague. Treat stress like a plague because it’s contagious, will weaken you and your team, and can lead to your demise. People resign when they’re stressed out. People fight, say hurtful things, and act rashly when under stress. Sleepless nights, bickering, and insults cause a snowball effect, where a small amount of stress can quickly grow to dominate your life and work culture.viagra pilule

My tips for avoiding stress:

    1. Recognize the ultimate source of your stress. The ultimate source may seem like it’s another person or an external situation, but in fact, the ultimate source is always within you. It’s how external circumstances effect you. Most of the time stress is caused by uncertainty about what will come next or a lack of power to change things.
    2. Decide to do something about that stress. Doing something can be as simple as looking at the situation differently, changing your expectations, or deciding not to be bothered by something. Often, you just need to change your context for a few days, get some good sleep, and recover.
    3. Create policies to avoid stress in the future. Personal policies like, “I’ll never argue with that person,” and company policies about managing expectations can can go a long way towards reducing your stress.