I’m extremely lucky to have met and hired Suyash Ramineni. He’s wildly qualified: he has a BS and Masters in Computer Science, is co-authoring on a book on the Linux Kernel, codes in six languages, and is a very nice guy. The only catch is that he’s not yet expert in Ruby on Rails, the language we use at ClearGears. To fix this, we’re sending Suyash to Nasik, India for 60 days to learn fast under our CTO, Hemant Patel.

After more than a two decades of outsourcing web development, masters of coding languages are commonly found outside US borders. kamagra France

Beyond bowing to the current state of affairs, sending an employee abroad for two months is part of the ClearGears culture. The idea to send Suyash was my friend Adil Wali’s, but it was an idea I immediately embraced. We’re committed to building both companies and people, so if there’s a way to quickly gel my team and improve someone’s skills, I’ll invest in it without hesitation. Good luck, Suyash!

One thought on “So Long Suyash

  • November 22, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Thanks Arshad. Really looking forward to working with Hemant.

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