Launching an online business is like fixing a plane mid flight. One false move can send you into an ugly death spiral of angry clients, billing problems, and code that needs to be refactored. This is why, at ClearGears, our deliverables have due dates like “this afternoon” and “tomorrow.” The scope of changes are small with a few notable exceptions.

One exception is a site redesign. Redesigning ClearGears will occupy our developers for a long time. To avoid the death spiral, we avoid adding new functionality to the redesign, keeping the changes cosmetic. By focusing on one thing at a time we improve our chances of successfully repainting the plane while it’s still flying.

Why small changes? Because our early adopting customers want to see rapid, visible change. Change doesn’t mean new features; often it means limiting or simplifying features. It doesn’t hurt that making rapid, visible change feels good; team morale goes way up when we deploy changes people like.kamagra medicine