As the CEO of a pre-revenue, low-budget, totally bootstrapped company working out of a shared workspace, one might think it would be hard to hire. There is no way I can compete with the vast majority of funded or profitable technology companies when it comes to pay, benefits, and office perks. I cannot even compete on company culture because right now we’re too small to have much of one.

I can compete and win, however, if I compete on vision.levitra medicine

The vision we at ClearGears offer is to make work life better through software. The work is technically challenging, calling for ongoing learning and mastery. The work is meaningful, so we have a sense of purpose. And hopefully the work is pleasurable, because we encourage employee autonomy.

Once funded, ClearGears will pay generously enough to take money off the table as a concern for anyone working here. But money isn’t what keeps good people interested; it’s purpose, mastery, and autonomy. We’re fulfilling Daniel Pink’s three principles of Motivation 3.0 from his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, and hiring is easy because of it.

According to Pink and countless other researchers, companies that offer the combination of mastery, autonomy and purpose deliver consistently higher returns to shareholders and have far lower turnover. People are wealthier and happier for it. So when it comes to hiring, don’t focus externally. Look inside the company and make sure your small venture is compelling enough to attract minds and talents greater than your own.