When developing an online application for businesses (rather than consumers), it’s more important to design an application’s interface than it is to actually build the application. You’ll therefore need designers before developers, even if you happen to be the developer. This is especially true in markets where there’s a longer sales cycle.

I’m learning this as I launch ClearGears. Surprisingly, using PowerPoint slides to explain my application to prospective clients is better than demonstrating the live application. Slides are quick, usually ordered in a way that I, the presenter, can control, and most importantly, I can display features that don’t even exist yet. By showing features that I’ve designed but not built, I can gauge customer enthusiasm and develop accordingly. With lengthy sales cycles, I have enough time to deliver on my promises. cialis

When considering building a B2B application, do yourself a favor and work with a designer before hiring developers or even developing on your own. Show prospective customers mock ups to learn whether they need your product or not. Changing mock ups is far cheaper than refactoring code, so you’ll save yourself a ton of money by going this route.

Lastly, buy this book. While working out of Dogpatch New York, I’ve found that every savvy entrepreneur here considers this book his or her bible. Make it yours, too.