invest in momsAsk any parent what day was the most important in their life and they are likely to say the birth of their child.

Money is no object when it comes to solving a problem as serious as feeding one’s newborn. So a service like Boober resonates with me as vitally important and, if they solve the problem well, potentially really valuable.¬†Boober is a Brooklyn-based company that connects moms with the services they need throughout the birthing process: doulas, midwives, massage therapists, and lactation consultants.

The company has been growing by double digits every month, has taken its services online in the COVID era, and continues to see growth because pandemic or no pandemic, babies will be born and moms will need help. Founded by Jada Shapiro, a mother who spent over a decade running Birth Day Presence, a birth-education center in Brooklyn, the company recently closed its first round of funding.

I hope to find more startups focused on supporting women. Even as our ecosystems, financial systems, health systems and safety nets collapse under the weight of overpopulation and under-regulated capitalism, women will continue to birth and protect future generations. They are the ultimate first-responders, and their help is as relevant to a hard future as ever.levitra

It should be common knowledge that investing in the education of girls leads to better health and economic outcomes for entire nations. Doing so lowers birthrates and reduces child marriages. Equally important is investing in systems that support women more broadly: innovations in child support, maternal health, and mental health are critical for women, who bear a disproportionate share of responsibilities as both caretakers and breadwinners.