When I first launched this blog in July 2010 (with a post on the value of a plan), I used my full name because I wanted to control what people saw first when they googled my name. A search for “arshad chowdhury” in 2010 unearthed lots of press for MetroNaps, a company I had left in 2008, and news coverage of my lawsuit against Northwest Airlines for barring me from flying after 9/11. Eventually, both stories faded, making it less important to use my full name for the blog. Assuming that shorter domains are always better, I’ve finally changed the domain to match my social media handle. On Twitter,  Instagram and Facebook I use “arshadgc” and now it’s all aligned nicely with the blog’s domain, as I’ve changed the domain from “arshadchowdhury.com” to “arshadgc.com.”

I see now, after a decade of writing, how that the value of documenting one’s thoughts and experiences emerges with time. Kind of like how a photo taken today might seem unremarkable, but 20 years from now, that photo will be rich with meaning.

In this blog one can see consistency in my concerns about inequality, collapsing ecologies, a need to adapt, and on managing one’s day-to-day well being. Much of the advice on sales and fundraising are as relevant today as it was 10 years ago. I hope this blog continues to be a useful resource for my fellow entrepreneurs and leaders.viagra pilule