Coworkers getting in a quick workout using the Power 20 app.

Coworkers getting in a quick workout using the Power 20 app.

Tech entrepreneurs are the quintessential early adopters, so I turn to them when it comes to discovering new and worthwhile apps for business and personal use. Of course I include my company’s app, Power 20, but I feel fine about that since it’s genuinely awesome. Here’s the list (not in any particular order).

1. PushPaste

pushpaste PushPaste makes it easy to send text from your computer over to your mobile device, making it easier to include that content in text messages. I find this helpful because copying and pasting on mobile remains an error-prone pain, and this makes me look a little more careful. It’s available on iOS.cialis

2. BroApp

broapp_logoBro App helps maintain romantic relationships with automated, loving texts. It can detect when you’re in the same place as your girlfriend or boyfriend and only sends texts when you are apart. Let’s face it: techies are often short on time and people skills, so this app can fill the void for both. Just don’t let him or her find out about it! It’s available on iOS and Android.

3. Power 20

Power20LogoPower 20 guides the user through 20-minute full-body workouts. No equipment is needed. When time is tight, we often neglect to exercise. But knowing that we can get in a full workout without having to change our clothes or go to the gym is a major benefit for entrepreneurs. Power 20 is available on iOS and Android.

4. Sunrise

Sunrise-Calendar-IconSunrise Calendar makes it easy to manage all your calendars in one place, along with important data. Not only can you combine Facebook events with Google Calendar invites, but you can pull data for your upcoming trip from Tripit. If you use GitHub, you can track when important milestones were reached in terms of your code. The app is available on iOS and Android.

5. MightyText

mightytextMightyText lets Android users send and receive text messages through their computer. Tapping out messages on a phone takes time and is prone to typos. It’s also distracting to have to pick up the phone to respond when you’re using the computer. Available on Android.

6. 1Password

1password1Password lives in your browser and creates encrypted passwords for you. You don’t need to remember dozens of passwords and if your computer ever gets stolen, you’ll be glad you used it. Entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable because we hold the keys to our company accounts and our personal ones. We need to protect all of them with a tool like 1Password. Available on iOS and Android.

7. Pocket

pocket-logoPocket lets you save articles you’ve discovered for later reading. You can read in airplane mode on any device. Most tech entrepreneurs actively manage their company and personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. Both are incredibly distracting (they are streams of distracting content, after all), so being able to save interesting reads for later can save your productivity. Available on iOS and Android.

Let me know in the comments if you can recommend any other awesome apps.

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