ďEvery entrepreneur I know uses Power 20,Ē said Shivani Siroya, CEO of InVenture, an LA-based tech company that brings a mobile version of Quickbooks to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Shivani and I were having lunch in LA, and I had been running Power 20 for about 7 months at that point.

As the founder of Power 20, I was glad to hear it, but surprised and even skeptical. But since then, Iíve discovered that the Power 20 app is a staple for CEOs and leaders at many tech companies. Aside from Shivani, in the past week Iíve seen first hand that Matthew Amsden from ProofPilot, Chas Ballew at Aptible, and Brad Weinberg at Blueprint Health accelerator are all enthusiastic users.

Tech CEOs like Power 20 because itís simple and gets the job done. More specifically:

  • Itís really quick; it takes just 20 minutes.
  • They donít need to change clothes or go to the gym to do it.
  • Thereís no decision-making involved.
  • Very few can actually do the hardest level, so thereís room for improvement.

I originally built Power 20 to help family members stave off diabetes and weight gain. Iím glad to see that young, fit people are seeing results with it as well.cialis acheter

You can get the app here. Warning: itís a hefty $2.99.

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These 20-minute workouts work everything from your calves to your neck, with special emphasis on improving balance and overall strength. Youíll see results after just a few weeks of consistently using the app.

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