Iíve dedicated an increasing amount of time to meditating over the past six month, starting with just 1 minute at a time. Iím now up to 10 minutes each day. My goal is 20 minutes twice a day. Even with just 10 minutes a day, Iíve experienced some pleasant effects:

1. I handle traffic better.†I use meditation techniques to stop my blood from boiling when traffic is insane.

2. Insomnia doesn’t make me crazy. †Those same meditation techniques stop my mind from racing at night.

3. I don’t get super angry. When I meditate briefly before composing an angry response, or before flipping out at someone, †I usually find a way to be constructive.cialis acheter


4. I can make stress disappear.†I can think about how the underlying stressful situation is temporary, and, if I can remove my ego from the situation, I see that itís usually no big deal.

5. I value downtime. Where I used to try to fill every minute with activities and people, I now appreciate quiet time where I can meditate on my own.

6. I find it easier to exercise.† I usually cap my meditation practice by visualizing the rest of my day. By seeing myself working out, Iím more likely to do it.


7. I forgive myself (and others). When I meditate, Iím just being quiet, breathing, and, well, being. Iím not trying to be more or less than what I am, and when my mind wanders, I respond by saying to myself, ďThatís ok, buddy. Youíre trying. Just keep trying.Ē I take this attitude with me during the rest of the day, so when I say or do something stupid (which is all the time), I donít flagellate myself, but I will see where I can do better. I extend that thinking to others, so I can now get beyond judging people and holding their own prejudices or limits against them.


Here are some books that Iíve found helpful in learning about meditation:

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