Arshad Before and After

The “One Month Madness” (OMM) diet was renamed “Power 20 Method” in 2014, and in 2015, the diet was changed to focus on whole-food, plant-based meals. See the current program at

Over the past 30 days I’ve tried to reset my body, mind and soul by taking on some new habits and dropping some old ones. The program I followed is called One Month Madness (OMM), and I’m the very first user. Which makes sense, considering my team and I invented the product. Since I started, 25 others have joined in and the results are starting to come in. Here are mine.

This is the program:levitra générique

  • Daily Journal. OMM provides a guidebook that lays out the rules and lets one track every day.
  • Diet. OMM gives very specific instructions on how to comfortably follow a high fat, low carb diet that is healthy and balanced. I ate mostly fish, vegetables, cheese, olive oil, nuts, some yogurt, and some fruits.
  • Sleep. OMM requires sleeping before midnight each night. This was the hardest for me to comply with.
  • Meditation.  OMM provides an mp3 for a 10-minute morning meditation and a longer night time hypnotherapy session. Both train you to adhere to the program. This might be the most important part of the program.
  • Exercise. 20- minute full body workout 5 days a week using Power 20 apps.
  • Social support. I did this with two other people. One person coached me, and I coached someone else.

When I started this, I was already healthy and lean. My wife, my mom, and my friends all warned that I didn’t have much extra weight to spare. They (and I) feared I’d lose weight.

Here’s what happened:

  • I gained one pound.
  • My waist got slightly slimmer (just 1 cm).
  • My shoulders and chest got wider, though I don’t have the measurements.
  • My waist-to-hip ratio went from 0.82 to 0.81;
  • My torso went from tubular to v-shaped.
  • I feel lighter, stronger, and faster, and my stress levels are really low.

Here’s how it felt:

  • The first week was really hard. I seriously craved carbs of all kinds.
  • I slimmed down fast during the first week.
  • By the second week my carb addiction was gone.
  • In the third and fourth weeks, I saw my muscles – shoulders chest – get noticeably bigger.
  • I became somewhat addicted to the morning meditation mp3. I now meditate daily.

Other sort-of related factors:

  • I have been using a standing desk for 2 years, so I burn additional calories that way.
  • My wife is an excellent cook and prepared perfect meals for me
  • I experienced a few days of profound anxiety this month, including:
    • Oral surgery that I elected without any general anesthesia.
    • Shockingly high out-of-pocket medical expenses.
    • Losing a big client at the web development firm I co-own, Crowd Interactive.
    • Facing extraordinarily high contractor bills that took me by surprise.

I followed the One Month Madness diet guidelines, which is essentially a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. I’m a pescatarian so I didn’t eat any beef or chicken, though.

I’ve decided to follow the OMM diet guidelines from now on. The myth of calories in vs. calories out has prevented me and countless others from meeting their health potential.

  • Neil Parikh

    Congrats, Arshad! Sounds awesome. Any word on doing this with a vegetarian diet?

  • ArshadGC

    You definitely can. The guidebook includes a section for vegetarians. It would be harder for vegans, though.

  • Brandon

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