meditatingThe concept that was just a kernel in my mind a few months ago is now ready to launch. One Month Madness is the next step in building Power 20 and its apps. The program is ambitious: help people lose weight, gain strength, sleep better, and lower stress through a holistic regimen of good practices that includes meditation. To launch the business I’ve had to create a 60 page book, source the right products, create audio recordings, and build a new website.

Ironically, the process of building a stress-lowering, health-improving product is having the exact opposite effects on me. I haven’t slept before 3 am one day this past week, I haven’t exercised in four days, I’ve lost my temper once, and I’ve been eating at odd hours.cialis

But today, the day that I launch OMM, I’m feeling great. My confidence is high because the product is turning out excellent; people are interested in it, and now all that’s left to do is get it in peoples’ hands. I have lots of learning ahead of me, but I’ve crossed a finish line of sorts.

Now that the push is over, I’m able to get back to my schedule of eating, sleeping, meditating and napping on a healthy schedule. I have some time to sit back and watch, so tomorrow I’m going to the beach.