What do Gangnam Style, a meteor over Russia, and Iron Man movies have in common? The first touchpoint for all of these were through the Internet, through online videos, newscasts or trailers. Word of these videos spread instantaneously among the over 2.2 billion worldwide Internet users. These have proved just how fast news and new ideas can spread.

At virtually no other time in human history have so many people had access to so much information. The speed with which ideas spread is also accelerating. The ideas we’re spreading today are dance memes and funny ads, but very soon we’ll be spreading the best ways to learn and live. And just as the rate at which we’re adopting new technology is accelerating, so too will the rate at which we adopt new ideas and even philosophies.

If ever we have a chance to shape and change the course of humanity, it is now and it is through the Internet. acheter kamagra

  • http://www.facebook.com/aileen.payumo Aileen Payumo

    Amen! Through the internet, we can change the course of humanity and more importantly, ourselves.