Someone asked me at a networking event at Lerer Ventures about upcoming trends or potential places to invest. Here’s what I had to say:

1. The global epidemic that is diabetes. Diabetes medications, treatment centers, tracking tools, and prevention / mitigation programs will all continue to be growth opportunities all over the world. Awareness about the disease is relatively strong here in the US, but access to healthy food is limited. Much of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East is far behind in terms of public awareness. Diabetes in the US and beyond will therefore continue to be a huge market for years to come.

2. Airlines in Asia. Airports throughout Asia are expanding, with China surpassing the US in airport traffic last year. Indonesia can barely keep up with the flourishing number of airlines, and in general, Asians are starting to fly in big numbers. Asia-facing companies specializing in all aspects of airlines businesses – food, machinery, airport services, online services, spare parts – are all poised to grow fast. levitra

3. Devices. We’ll see a proliferation of in-home devices that leverage ubiquitous in-home wifi networks (like Sonos), making it common to control entertainment, appliances, and even security with our mobile phones. These devices have existed for years now, but mass adoption is about to take hold. Stuff like this.

  • Arshadtwinglasses

    AIrlines industry is a bubble. way too many variable costs and risks involved.

  • Arshad

    Yes, that’s possibly true, but when there’s a gold rush, sell shovels!

  • Anonymous

    That’s probably true, but when there’s a gold rush, sell shovels!

  • Aaron Lagunilla

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