I spent yesterday happily reunited with my former business partner, Christopher Lindholst, at our alma mater, Wesleyan University. Christopher, who runs the company we co-founded called MetroNaps, arranged to donate 2 napping chairs, called EnergyPods, to the school. We were on hand to celebrate the dedication of the EnergyPods, and we were both elated to be there.

My often dubious career in serial entrepreneurship is at last beginning to pay off. Crowd Interactive is now starting to pay meaningful dividends, and the dividend from MetroNaps – my name on a plaque alongside Christopher’s – is equally valuable. Even though I had left MetroNaps in 2008 to dive into technology, Christopher and I have remained in touch. We still talk about opportunities in the napping world and he knows that MetroNaps will always be a company I believe in.viagra

When I first started out in business I wasn’t sure where all this was heading. As time passes, and I see the positive impact products like the MetroNaps EnergyPod have on students and Power 20 has on diabetics, it becomes clearer to me that turning science into products that improve and even save lives feels right for me.

Aside from reaping benefits of past efforts, I’ve learned that relationships hold real value. Whether it’s a relationship with with my university, former and current business partners, or future associates, I realize that relationships form the only currency that matters, so they must be prized and guarded as we go through life.